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Our agent Fast Start program is designed to help a new Medicare agent get out of the gate fast! The goal of our program is to help get you contracted with the best carriers and properly trained to be ready to sell with leads in hand within 30-45 days. Follow the steps below and qualify for a lead co-op of up to $250! (This program is for newly contracted street level agents only. Agents must register with a member of our agent concierge team to qualify for the program and to be eligible for the marketing co-op.)

Step 1: Get Contracted

A member of our concierge team will help you find the most competitive carriers in your area. Agents in the Fast Start program will get contracted with 1 Medicare Supplement, 1 Medicare Advantage, 1 Final Expense and 1 Hospital Indemnity carrier to start.

Step 2: Medicare 101 Training

* Listen to Medicare 101 training call recording -> Click here to access Medicare 101 training <-
* Review Medicare Made Clear -> Click here to Access Medicare Made Clear <-
* Review Medicare Made Clear Presentation Notes -> Click here to access Medicare Made Clear notes <-

Step 3: Medicare Supplement Training

* Watch "Medicare Supplement" Video -> Click here to watch Medicare Supplement Appointment training video <-
* Review Choosing A Medigap Policy document -> Click here to access Choosing A Medigap Policy <-
* Review Sample Outline of Coverage document -> Click here to access Outline of Coverage

Step 5: Start AHIP

You should pause any other training and start this as soon as you get the email!

Step 6: Appointment Training

* Listen to "Effectively Working Leads and Setting Medicare Appointments"
-> Click here to listen to Effectively Working Leads and Setting Medicare Appointments <-


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