We equip and inspire you

Our agents are family and we are all in this together—every step of the way. At ABS, we equip you with all the tools necessary to be successful!


We strive to establish meaningful connections by listening and learning what motivates you!


We want you to know that our team is here to assist you every step of the way!


We provide best-in-class training, industry-leading software and generous marketing incentives.


We teach and motivate our agents to think outside of the box to gain the competitive advantage.

Gain the competitive edge as an ABS agent!

More money in your pocket

ABS makes sure more money ends up in your pocket through the following:

  • Own Your Book of Business – Fully Vested on Day One
  • Top Level Commissions
  • Marketing Co-Op Support on Self-Generated Leads
  • Carrier Commission Audits
  • Certification Reimbursement
  • Lead Referral Program

Customized Marketing Support

ABS provides effective marketing programs and support to help you build your book of business

  • Individual Coaching – Learn How to Market Yourself
  • Customized and Professional Marketing Collateral
  • Client Retention Strategy

Robust Sales Support

ABS delivers unmatched mentorship and sales training to make you more successful

  • ABS University
  • Access to Online Enrollment Platforms
  • Access to Free Quoting Software
  • Monthly Sales Calls
  • Access to One-on-One Sales Support
  • In-Field Training and Mentoring (in specific markets)